Noodling Around: Nine Tasty Asian Spots

by Kathleen Squires

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    Bibim Guksu
  • Momofuku Noodle Bar
    This simple noodle bar started the cult of David Chang, the renowned chef who has gone on to open multiple outposts (including Ssäm Bar, Milk Bar, Má Pêche and the ultra-high-end Ko). Chang raised the ramen bar with his silken noodles and soulful broth, a mingling of unendingly simmered chicken, pork bones and bacon. The meat in the bowl—pork belly and pork shoulder—is exceedingly tender, while a poached egg gives the entire dish a satiny dimension. The rightfully exalted pork buns make a terrific, if dense, starter, so come with a sharing spirit. With its slatted-wood walls, slim counter seating and a smattering of tables, the restaurant has made its mark for its reservation-only fried chicken dinners, too.

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