Noodling Around: Nine Tasty Asian Spots

by Kathleen Squires

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  • Menchanko Tei
    In Japanese, "men" means noodles, and chanko is a hearty stew eaten by sumo wrestlers. Put them together, and it's not just soup—it's a meal. The restaurant's namesake recipe celebrates a 400-year-old tradition with meat, veggies and seafood cooked and served in a red-hot cast-iron pot. And if that doesn't stretch the tummy quite enough, à la carte add-ons, such as yuba and kimchi, come for a buck or two more. A national Japanese chain with two Midtown branches, this recently renovated east side stop has cleaned up with light wood tones and paper globe lanterns, all the better for the United Nations types who slip in for bites between sessions.

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