Noodling Around: Nine Tasty Asian Spots

by Kathleen Squires

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  • Lan Zhou Handmade Noodle
    The Chinese lay claim to inventing the ramen noodle, and this Chinatown spot is where to see the art in action, as noodle makers pull, slap, pound and stretch oodles of them. Despite the dreary digs—rickety wood tables, a makeshift counter and cheaply tiled walls—you can't beat the live entertainment. The "beef stew" bowls are a popular order, though aficionados will find everything from pig's ear to "miscellaneous ox parts" on the menu. No matter what, the elastic noodles are the stars, as they mix with hale brown broth and bok choy. The house dumplings also earn praise for their delicate skins.

9 of 10

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