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by Joanna Weinstein, 11/02/2011

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  • Landmarc at the Time Warner Center
    10 Columbus Circle, 212-823-9590, Midtown West
    Landmarc is known for its excellent selection of wines at reasonable prices, but the restaurant's fall cocktail list shows its corks some competition. For three hours on a Tuesday afternoon in October, David Lombardo, wine and beverage director of Benchmarc Restaurant Group, along with beverage managers Jules Bianciardi (TriBeCa branch) and Justin Coleman (Time Warner Center branch) finalized this season's drinks menu for both locations in the back of the Time Warner location's enormous bi-level kitchen. Armed with an assortment of ingredients—Disaronno, Busnel calvados, Chartreuse, orange bitters, martini glasses and oven-fresh cinnamon swizzle sticks coated with maple syrup—the trio crafted a new take on fall flavors. Here are two highlights:

    Maple Leaf (pictured above, left), $12 
    What's shaken: Michter's rye, Doc's maple syrup, bitters and pasteurized egg whites
    Reminiscent of: frost on the windows, an open hearth and the aroma of warm French toast
    Pair it with: Landmarc's lamb meatball appetizer with tomatoes, whipped ricotta and mint, or the grilled pork chop entrée with caramelized onions and apples

    Bulleit O'Lantern (pictured above, right), $12
    What's shaken: Bulleit bourbon, Doc's maple pumpkin syrup, lime and bitters
    Reminiscent of: a pumpkin patch—with hints of honey and a semi-spicy character
    Pair it with: Landmarc's foie gras terrine appetizer with pickled red onion, or the roasted chicken entrée with kale, lentils, acorn squash and mustard vinaigrette

    Additional Napkin Notes
    When ordering a cocktail, be fearless: "Look at the ingredients," says beverage director Lombardo. "If it's something that you don't know, ask your server or bartender what it's like. Step outside your comfort zone."
    Done in 60 seconds: Lombardo says it takes on average between 35 seconds and a minute to whip up a drink. "No cocktail should take 10 minutes to make," he says.
    Sweet Treat: Doc’s organic maple syrup comes from a family-owned farm in Woodhull, NY. It’s also the syrup used in Landmarc’s breakfast dishes.
    Best time to drop by: Sunday through Wednesday, for a more cozy, intimate feel at the bar.

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