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by Joanna Weinstein, 11/02/2011

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  • Dutch Kills 
    27-24 Jackson Ave., 718-383-2724, Long Island City
    Dutch Kills, Queens' top cocktail bar, is a Long Island City treasure. By comparison to some venues in Manhattan, the lounge here is vast, and bartenders serve up drinks at more wallet-friendly prices. Keeping watch over patrons is bartender Karin Stanley, a cocktail guru and Canadian transplant (whose nom de Facebook is, naturally, Canadian Cobra). Since 2008, Stanley has been crafting quaffs at Milk and Honey, Little Branch and Dutch Kills and paying meticulous attention to the details. "We make all of our ice in-house and hand-cut it every day for specific drinks," she says. "We have a whole setup in the back and sell our ice to many other bars." For Stanley, it's the little things that count, a philosophy that's evident in this special fall cocktail:

    The Bayflower, $11
    What's shaken: St-Germain, Bols Genever, grapefruit juice, simple syrup, fresh lemon juice and an orange wedge
    Reminiscent of: a greyhound on steroids
    Secret Ingredient: Bols Genever, a gin that recently returned to the cocktail scene, manufactured by the world's oldest distilled-spirits company (Lucas Bols, founded in Amsterdam in 1575).

    Additional Napkin Notes
    Best time to visit: Mondays, when it's happy hour all night. Choose from eight drinks for $8 each.
    Favorite spirits: Sherry, amaro and port. "I'd rather use a few spirits rather than one main," Stanley says.
    On tiki bars as the mother of cocktail inventiveness: Stanley created a unique drink called Cradle of Life for Painkiller, a tiki bar on the Lower East Side opened by two of Dutch Kills' owners. Forewarned is forearmed: the drink features half a lime shell with a sugar cube soaked in green Chartreuse.

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