Jewish Dining in NYC

by Julie Besonen, 03/25/2014

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  • Joe & MissesDoe
    45 E. 1st St., 212-780-0262, East Village, Manhattan
    Gefilte fish did not make the cut for executive chef Joe Dobias's progressive Passover menu at the East Village's Joe & MissesDoe. He isn't Jewish, but his bride and beverage director, Jill, is, and they've found middle ground by hosting a secular Seder over three nights, April 14 to 16. Elijah's Punch, a blend of rum, Manischewitz and soaked fruit, will get the party started. Courses include a sampler of fried matzo boosted with herbs and a touch of sugar, maror, charoset and chicken liver laced with crispy chicken skin, followed by red and yellow matzo ball soup, then thinly sliced, peppery, slow-roasted brisket; chocolate matzo and red grape sorbet are among the assorted desserts. It's $75 per person, not including tax, tip or beverage. The heartwarming, 26-seat space, formerly JoeDoe, was retooled last fall around the time of the owners' wedding and now has a more nostalgic, comfort-food focus at lower price points. And that fried matzo? If you can't make it for Passover, it's on the menu year-round.

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