NYC Menswear Shops

by Jared Flint, 06/04/2013

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  • Opening Ceremony
    35 Howard St., 212-219-2688, SoHo, Manhattan
    Now more than a decade old, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim's downtown indie designer destination has evolved from a niche boutique to a global fashion empire, with outposts in LA, London and Tokyo. Thankfully, expansion hasn't tarnished the original shop's luster, though there's less emphasis on thematic merchandising these days. Instead, the store's owners (who also double up as the creative directors of Parisian fashion house Kenzo) have grown their own line to compete with Opening Ceremony's usual brands (Band of Outsiders, Patrik Ervell, Acne) and strategically partner with the likes of Phillip Lim to create exclusive pieces. Even after all these years, walking into the store feels like stepping foot into some cooler, brighter, more cinematic version of Manhattan. (And where else can you buy all your favorite looks from Spring Breakers?) 

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