Scents and Sensibility

by Mallory Passuite, 10/08/2013

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  • Le Labo 
    233 Elizabeth St., NoLIta, 212-219-2230 
    Immediately upon entering Le Labo (française pour "The Lab"), the brand's apothecary-style point of view is clear. A large glass beaker on the counter contains a swirling liquid tornado, and sales staff in white lab coats stand by to offer assistance. Perfumes line the opposite wall; the fragrances are all named and numbered by base scent and note count. (Perfumers categorize the notes of a single fragrance into three categories: base, middle and top.) Santal 33, for example, is a popular sandalwood fragrance, with 33 notes. Le Labo also has City-exclusive scents; the New York store is the only location that offers Tuberose 40. After you've selected a scent, your bottle of perfume is mixed individually, and the label is customized with your name (or the name of whomever you choose) and the date it was mixed.

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