Scents and Sensibility

by Mallory Passuite, 10/08/2013

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  • CB I Hate Perfume 
    93 Wythe Ave., Williamsburg, 718-384-6890
    Similar to Le Labo, the curiously named CB I Hate Perfume produces unique scents by hand in small batches. The brand's founder, Christopher Brosius (formerly of fragrance brand Demeter), has said his inspiration for the line came from his time as a taxi driver. Women would get into his cab, having drenched themselves in offensively strong aromas, though he always thought "perfume should be elegant and alluring." So he set about fixing that problem. His line has included fragrances Burning Leaves, I Am A Dandelion and At The Beach, 1966. The playful contrarian has even done a celebrity fragrance, 2nd (Alan) Cumming. A tribute to actor Alan Cumming, the scent contains the following notes: bergamot, black pepper, scotch pine, malt whiskey, cigar, heather, Douglas fir, rubber, worn leather, Highland mud, burnt rubber, peat fire and white truffle. In a word: manly. (Watch the intentionally hilarious, semi-NSFW commercial for the original launch of the scent on YouTube.) 

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