NYC Sneaker Stores

by Jared Flint, 08/28/2013

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  • From the basics made famous by Run-D.M.C.'s "My Adidas" to the high-fashion versions created by Isabel Marant, sneakers have defined the youth of New York City for generations. Back in 2005, during one peak of NYC's collective obsession with the footwear, there seemed to be a new store popping up every other week. Today the stores that survived have become iconic, even as new boutiques open and put their spin on the staple. What all have in common is an intrinsically New York sensibility—whether they lean toward hip-hop, skate, punk, basketball or more fashionable models. It's no stretch to say the City offers the widest breadth of sneaker boutiques in the country, if not the world. Read on for information about a few of our favorites.

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