NYC Sneaker Stores

by Jared Flint, 08/28/2013

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  • DQM
    7 E. 3rd St., 212-505-7551, East Village, Manhattan
    Years before the Bowery became gentrified, Dave Ortiz and Chris Keeffe opened this small skate shop across from a homeless shelter. Set just below ground level, this specialized cove of skate culture is easy to miss. While Supreme was created for skaters and then expanded, DQM (short for Dave's Quality Meat, which it was formerly known as) still counts that core group as its primary clientele. Nike and Vans take up most of the shelf space, along with offerings from smaller brands like HUF. Most of the sneakers carried here are made to skate in; looking good is a beneficial plus for those with two left feet or whose skating is now firmly in their past. DQM picks and chooses its collaborations carefully—the shop's bacon-inspired Nike Air Max 90 is one memorable example—and recently teamed with Vans on a pair of "I Love NY" sneakers. 

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