Classic Cuts: NYC Barbershops

by Jeremy Lehrer, 01/30/2013

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  • Thanks to the continuing cultural embrace of the authentic and handcrafted, one need only stray a few blocks in New York City to find everything from the perfectly mixed Manhattan to a mint pair of vintage redline Levi's—and the same is true for a haircut. While the City has always had its share of classic, old-time barbershops, in recent years a new generation has emerged that offers high-quality cuts and old-world charm, an evocation of an era when people had more time, less work pressure and knew they could rely on barbers for precision work at an affordable price. The new breed of barbershop serves as a kind of social club for men and simultaneously celebrates the everyman—that archetype of the well-coiffed gent who works hard and doesn't want to break the bank for good craftsmanship. Depending on your inclination or the extent of your hair, you can go to these venues for a skillful scissor cut, treat yourself to a straight razor shave replete with hot towel wraps and essential oils or get help with a balding pate. The venues are destinations both for locals and out-of-town visitors in search of something special. Read on to find out how each of these shops is putting its own unique twist on the genre and redefining the barber's striped pole.

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