on the record: 13 CMJ acts

by Fritswa Baffour, Laura Kusnyer and Jonathan Zeller, 10/06/2009

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  • The Jaguar Club
    Names and ages: Will, 28; Jeremiah, 27; Yoi, 27; Gavin, 28 (not pictured)
    Where do you live? Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, Bed-Stuy, Williamsburg
    What's your style of music? Darkish, pop-ish beauty-rock music
    Site of your first NYC performance: The Delancey in October 2006
    Favorite venues to hear live music: The Bell House, Bowery Ballroom, Cake Shop, Union Hall 
    Best band in NYC right now: Too many to list, but we're all pretty into Coyote Eyes.
    What can we expect at your CMJ show? We'll be fresh off a pretty long tour, so we should be in good form and energized by being back home.
    Will, you employ some fancy footwork onstage. Where'd you learn your moves? Dancing is like rock music—you just distill all your influences and try to make it your own. I've been trying to perfect simultaneously singing and doing "The Popcorn," which is one of my better ones. Also, [actor] Danny Kaye.

    The Jaguar Club plays The Delancey on October 24. Hear their music at

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