on the record: 13 CMJ acts

by Fritswa Baffour, Laura Kusnyer and Jonathan Zeller, 10/06/2009

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  • The Antlers
    Names: Michael Lerner, Peter Silberman, Darby Cicci
    Where do you live? Peter and Michael live in Greenpoint; Darby lives in Fort Greene.
    What's your style of music? Sock-gaze—Darby plays in his socks.
    Site of your first NYC performance: It was probably about four years ago somewhere completely terrible. We're blocking that memory.
    Favorite venues to hear live music: (Le) Poisson Rouge, Music Hall of Williamsburg, Cake Shop 
    Best band in NYC right now: We're on tour with Holly Miranda right now. We think she's the bee's knees.
    What can we expect at your CMJ show? Bad jokes and short gaps between songs. Maybe some towels.
    Your songs explore some seriously painful emotions. Does it get taxing to perform them night after night? Nah, this record's not mine [Peter Silberman's] anymore. I'm happy about that.

    The Antlers play Music Hall of Williamsburg on October 20. Hear their music at

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