on the record: 13 CMJ acts

by Fritswa Baffour, Laura Kusnyer and Jonathan Zeller, 10/06/2009

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  • Das Racist
    Names and ages: Himanshu, 24; Victor, 25
    Where do you live? Williamsburg, but their "spiritual NYC neighborhood is Rap City."
    What's your style of music? H: Rap music. V: Jitty rock.
    Site of your first NYC performance: H: I think it was the first Showpaper benefit at Michelin's in Bushwick, as "Party Land." V: But our first performance doing songs we'd actually recorded together was Eclectic Haus at Oberlin Art College in New Hampshire.
    Favorite venues to hear live music: H: Definitely Glasslands Gallery. V: I also like that spot right next to Glasslands, ParisLondonNewYorkWestNile.
    Best band in NYC right now: H: I'd say it's a tie for me, between The Tony Castles and IN. V: Gordon Voidwell.
    What can we expect at your CMJ show? H: A lot of air horns. V: Yeah.
    Death and Taxes magazine called your song "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell" an "existential meditation on consumer identity in corporate America." Do you want your music to be taken this seriously, or are you just out to have fun? H: Specifically both of these things you just typed or copy and pasted. V: Do having fun and being taken seriously need to be mutually exclusive?

    Das Racist plays Webster Hall on October 22. Hear their music at

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