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by Adam Kuban, 07/09/2013

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  • Central Park: Bethesda Fountain
    Bethesda Fountain and its surrounding terrace are among the most photographed features of Central Park. If you’re trying to frame a friend or family member in the shot along with the fountain, Zim Pham of New York Photo Safari suggests something that seems counterintuitive: have your human subject stand closer to you, away from the fountain. First, Pham says, put some good distance between you and the fountain, enough so that it fills up the right third of the frame when you’re holding the camera in landscape orientation. Then position your friend or family member in the left of the frame, but close to you and the camera so he or she fills the photo. Don’t worry about getting them completely in the photo. The goal is not to get a head-to-toe depiction, just from the torso up—enough that both the fountain and person are clearly visible. This technique works not only for Bethesda Fountain but for any large subject (the Statue of Liberty, for example) that you’d like to frame along with people. 

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