Presidential Places

by Christina Parrella, 10/16/2012 [Updated 02/04/2016]

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  • Chester A. Arthur House
    123 Lexington Ave., Murray Hill, Manhattan
    From the outside, 123 Lexington Avenue seems like any ordinary Manhattan building—there's a deli on the ground floor and apartments above. But the four-story brownstone was once the residence of Chester A. Arthur, America's 21st president, before, during and after his term in office. Arthur, who was vice president under James Garfield, assumed the presidency after Garfield was assassinated in 1881. Arthur took the oath of office in a private late-night ceremony at his Lexington Avenue home. Surprising everyone, he rose above partisanship during his term, making many nonpartisan appointments and working to unify his own party. Though respected and popular as president, he was not renominated by the Republican Party in 1884. After he left Washington, Arthur retired to New York City, where he mounted a failed run for senator. He died at his home in 1886. Though it can't be toured, the house is a National Historic Landmark, designated by the bronze plaque affixed to its exterior.

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