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by Julie Besonen, 06/19/2013

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  • Alchemy, Texas
    71-04 35th Ave., 718-803-8244, Jackson Heights, Queens
    Located in a neighborhood best known for its Indian food is this bar, which, alongside beer and sports on TV, serves up some killer Texas barbecue. Alchemy, Texas, ruled by pit master Josh Bowen (John Brown Smokehouse), has staked a claim to the kitchen at the back of Legends Bar. It's not new to find Texas-style barbecue in this roadhouse—Pearson's Texas Barbecue and Ranger Texas Barbecue were predecessors—but smoked duck and lamb ribs, plus brisket, pork, chicken and frog legs haven't been seen in these parts before. The bar and the barbecue share territory, but ordering and paying (in cash) are done separately. The meats (which often change) and sides (macaroni and cheese, cole slaw) are assembled on a tray; keep an ear tuned for your name to be yelled out when it's ready. There's a smoky sweetness to the soft brisket and the peppery-crusted pork ribs will burn your lips—in a good way.

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