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by Julie Besonen, 10/09/2013

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  • Piora
    430 Hudson St., 212-960-3801, West Village, Manhattan
    Piora has an Italian-sounding name but it's actually Korean, meaning "blossom," which is perfectly appropriate, since this restaurant offers Italian-Korean dishes (with American and French influences). This is no fusion cuisine, however, but singular dishes divined by the talented Chris Cipollone, who first grabbed our attention at Midtown's Tenpenny. This time out he's partnered with Simon Kim, of Korean heritage, who formerly managed The Mark Restaurant by Jean Georges. That means service is polished and professional. The space has an understated elegance, the long, stone-topped bar leading to a dark dining room framed by an enchanting, diorama-like back garden. Cipollone's lusty food is Instagram-worthy, from barbecued octopus with fermented pepper to suckling pig to black garlic bucatini laced with chili, dungeness crab and maitake mushrooms. The wine, beer and spirits collection is well curated, geared for advanced tastes.

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