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by Julie Besonen, 12/03/2013

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  • Marco's
    295 Flatbush Ave., 718-230-0427, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
    Francine Stephens and Andrew Feinberg took what used to be Franny's, gave it a totally chic makeover and named it Marco's after their 5-year-old son. The focus continues to be regional Italian but there is no pizza, something Franny's was famous for—and still is at its new, bigger location down the block. The pastas are glorious, such as agnolotti al coniglio (rabbit), but really stealing the show are the tender, amazing wood-grilled lamb chops and a contorno of heirloom-variety Carolina golden rice, steamed and buttery with a zing of vinegar. The clubby marble bar up front is the place for a bracing, Negroni-like cocktail called Chemist in the Rye, a blend of Rittenhouse Rye, Vergano Americano and Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao. The Italian wine list will especially please geek collectors. 

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