Top Secret New York Restaurants

by Julie Besonen, 10/17/2012

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  • No Name Bar 
    597 Manhattan Ave., Greenpoint, Brooklyn
    The Thai kitchen in the basement of this dark, cool shanty of a bar is so under-the-radar that the revelers drinking upstairs don't know it's there. Amazed looks appear on people's faces when fragrant, steaming noodle soups arrest their senses. Nam is the name of the Thai woman heading up the kitchen (who's also behind Am Thai Bistro in Prospect Park South). She and her team create such miraculous flavors that if today's heroes were still carried through the streets in a sedan chair, you would be sitting in one for leading your friends here. What's more, beef stew noodle soup, lemongrass seafood noodle soup, and pork with basil and sunny-side egg on rice are all under $10. In clement weather, enjoy it outside in the ivy-walled, leafy garden. Otherwise, try to grab a stool in front of the tiny kitchen. Just like the bar upstairs, there is no name, but currently it's open all day until 3am. (P.S. The team that used to cook ramen noodles in the basement kitchen is gone.)

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