Top Secret New York Restaurants

by Julie Besonen, 10/17/2012

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  • Taam Tov 
    41 W. 47th St., 3rd fl., 212-768-8001, Midtown West, Manhattan
    While Taam Tov's location is shrouded, it's not trying to be mysterious. Midtown's Diamond District is lined with men wearing sandwich boards advertising "We Buy Gold & Diamonds," but only one among them hawks Taam Tov. He'll show you the door. Head up a worn staircase past jewelers' businesses to the third floor, where you'll come upon a kooky little takeout window. Carry on to a workaday café selling a homespun menu of glatt kosher food. Soup, such as the big bowl of Uzbek-style shurpa bobbing with tender meat and vegetables, is a meal in itself. Samsa is another specialty, a peppery, juicy beef-and-onion square-shaped pie in a pretzel bread wrapping studded with sesame seeds. Spaghetti and french fries are also available for those not tempted by the kebabs, pilafs, stroganoffs and chops.

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