See the World, Visit New York!

by Jessica Allen, 09/03/2014

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  • New York City lets you travel the world without leaving the five boroughs. You can have your breakfast in Chinatown, grab a snack in the Dominican Republic, feast on samosas and momos from the Himalayas for lunch, go to Greece for dinner and finish the night by catching a cabaret performance in Russia or doing karaoke in Korea. While roaming from neighborhood to neighborhood might make for a long day, just think about what you'll save on airfare. Alternatively, you could spend whole days and nights exploring some of the City's most culturally distinctive areas. Our slideshow offers guided itineraries to Astoria's Little Egypt, the Bronx's Little Accra and Little Sri Lanka on Staten Island, among others. But let our recommendations serve primarily as suggestions. True travelers know that sometimes the most authentic experiences are to be found simply by walking around and doing whatever catches your fancy.

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