Seventh Heaven: Dining Along the 7 Train

by Julie Besonen, 02/26/2013

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  • 7 Train Stop: 103rd St./Corona Plaza
    Tortilleria Nixtamal
    104-05 47th Ave., 718-699-2434, Corona, Queens
    In the past few years, Mexican food in the City has enjoyed laudatory improvement, but since December 2008, Tortilleria Nixtamal has been a magnet for true aficionados. Here's why: authentic tortillas are made the ancient Aztec way. A process called nixtamalization involves letting partially cooked corn that has been treated with calcium hydroxide soak until it's ready to grind into tortilla dough. The resulting tamales, tortillas and pozole are more intensely flavored than anything made with processed corn flour. At this cheerful, laid-back outpost, owners Fernando Ruiz and Shauna Page don't cut corners, sourcing non-GMO corn from Illinois, making salsa and chunky, jalapeño-laced guacamole from scratch. The skate for the excellent fish tacos is from a sustainable source, and the meat comes from Franco's, a local Italian butcher. Take the 7 train here and taste the real deal.

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