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Skyscrapers of New York City

by staff, 04/23/2014 [Updated 02/18/2016]

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  • The New York Times Building
    Height: 1,046 feet
    NYC rank: 5 (tied)
    The tall and short of it: A relative newcomer to NYC's skyline, the New York Times Building was completed in 2007. While it is home to the world's most famous newspaper, the structure may have found itself in the brightest spotlight in 2008, when three separate men scaled the building, taking advantage of the ceramic-rod screens mounted to the exterior of the glass curtain walls (they were all arrested—you're not allowed to climb skyscrapers in NYC—and the ceramic rods were subsequently removed from lower floors to prevent future attempts). Designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano, the building is also home to the TimesCenter, which has, among its spaces, a 378-seat auditorium that hosts readings, screenings, musical performances and other public events.
Is there an observation deck? No.

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