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Skyscrapers of New York City

by staff, 04/23/2014 [Updated 02/18/2016]

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  • MetLife Building
    Height: 808 feet
    NYC rank: 21
    The tall and short of it: Bestriding Park Avenue like an International Style colossus, and towering over Grand Central Terminal, the Pan Am Building was derided as a behemoth when it arrived on the scene in 1963 (it had more office space than any other building in the world). Over the years it has become a reassuring presence in the skyline and won a place in the hearts of New Yorkers. MetLife bought the building in 1981—and, just over a decade later, as the airline's decline continued, replaced the familiar Pan Am logo on the building's crown with its own.
    Fun fact: The MetLife building has long been a happy home for peregrine falcons, which nest in the upper reaches of the building's exterior.
    Is there an observation deck? No.

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