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Skyscrapers of New York City

by staff, 04/23/2014 [Updated 02/18/2016]

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  • Woolworth Building
    Height: 792 feet
    NYC rank: 23
    The tall and short of it: The world's tallest building from its completion in 1913 until 1930, when 40 Wall Street (briefly) claimed the title, the neo-Gothic Woolworth Building is one of New York City's most celebrated and recognizable skyscrapers. Its interior is distinguished by vaulted ceilings and stained glass. Frank Woolworth commissioned architect Cass Gilbert to design the tower, which would house the headquarters of his namesake five-and-dime store. Now, luxury apartments occupy the upper levels of the building.
    Fun fact: President Woodrow Wilson turned on the Woolworth Building's lights—remotely, from Washington, DC—when it first opened.
    Is there an observation deck? No, but it's fun to look at the outside of the building during a downtown sightseeing walk—and you can tour the lobby.

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