Southern Dining

by Julie Besonen, 07/18/2012

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  • It's a hot time in the City for Southern restaurants, with a renaissance that includes Pies 'n' Thighs as well as Peaches HotHouse in Brooklyn and Tipsy ParsonThe Cardinal and Bobwhite Lunch & Supper Counter in Manhattan. Up in Harlem, Sylvia's has been extending a warm welcome for decades, but our slideshow highlights a couple of other soul food stars that deserve some extra love. At Southern eateries throughout the City—among them, Amy Ruth's, Seersucker and Bayou—you'll find specialties like fried chicken in an array of lip-smacking varieties; classics like shrimp rémoulade, grits and jambalaya; and comfort-food accompaniments (biscuits, sweet potato fries, corn bread, et al) that satisfy cravings on the rich and savory side of the culinary spectrum. Drinks such as Cajun martinis and a Bloody Mary made with corn whiskey have that special Southern kick, and you can push your gastronomic limits with a plate of unexpectedly delicious pig tails. 

    The ambience at the venues—with homespun authenticity, tarot card readings and, of course, live music—heightens the experience. Read on for more, including where to go on Staten Island when you can't make it to the Big Easy's Bourbon Street.

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