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by staff, 02/20/2013

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  • Subway Stats
    Need even more proof that NYC is all about extremes? Look no further than its subway system, which operates 24 hours a day and travels hundreds of millions of miles each year. Here, we break down the numbers and find out which lines and stations can claim MTA bragging rights. (And for even more information, see our "Underground NYC" slideshow.)

    • NYC is the world leader in subway stations with 468 places to grab a train.

    • In the contest for shortest subway train, it's a tie among the City's three S, or shuttle, trains: Franklin Avenue, Rockaway Park and 42nd Street.

    • Those looking to get the most single-train mileage for a MetroCard swipe should board the A train at the Inwood/207th St. Manhattan station or from the other end of the A line at Queens' Far Rockaway/Mott Ave. stop for a 31-plus-mile journey. Due to damage from Hurricane Sandy, A trains are currently not running in the Rockaways. When regular service is restored, the ride will once again take more than two hours.

    • Most people associate the subway with underground stations where cell phone reception is a virtual impossibility, but only 60 percent of them are actually underground. The highest station, Brooklyn's Smith/9th Sts., stands at 88 feet. You'll find the lowest on the 1 line, 180 feet below 191st Street in Washington Heights.

    • With access to 11 lines and proximity to major tourist destinations, it's no surprise Times Sq./42 St. was the busiest station in 2011, when 60,604,822 riders wrangled for a seat.

    • For the oldest train tunnel in the world, head to Brooklyn. Construction of the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel was completed in 1844. Though the space's manhole entrance is now closed, tours used to be offered to brave and curious explorers.


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