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by staff, 02/20/2013

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  • Biggest Sandwich
    Update: Not long after we posted this slideshow, Lansky's closed. We're leaving this slide in memorarium of the biggest sandwich you'll never eat.

    New York City's Jewish delicatessens are already known for generosity when it comes to sandwiches—a single order of pastrami on rye, for instance, could easily feed two to four people. But the Jackpot sandwich at Lansky's Old World Deli on Manhattan's Upper West Side is a study in excess. If you can finish this towering sandwich ($26.95), you get a T-shirt. Be warned: it's a four-pound-plus tower of meat, cheese, bread and fillings—pastrami, turkey, corned beef, salami, muenster and American cheeses, coleslaw, sweet peppers and Russian dressing. On rye, of course.  —AK

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