Sweet Treats: The Best of NYC Bakeries

by Julie Besonen, 12/18/2013

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  • Breads Bakery
    18 E. 16th St., 212-633-2253, Union Square, Manhattan
    Anyone who's ever said "meh" to chocolate babka hasn't had it at Breads. The braided loaf is moist, rich, dark chocolaty and buttery, making everyone who samples it a convert. It's divine for breakfast, a coffee break, dessert or party gift. Same goes for the chocolate rugelach, tender toylike croissants that can't fail to elicit a smile from the crankiest critic. Master baker Uri Scheft is Israeli born and Denmark trained. The bakery-café, a few doors away from the Union Square Greenmarket, is owned by Gadi Peleg and has a spare, Nordic feel, which contrasts with the lavishness of its merchandise.

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