Sweet Treats: The Best of NYC Bakeries

by Julie Besonen, 12/18/2013

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  • Tartine 
    253 W. 11th St., 212-229-2611, West Village, Manhattan
    At Tartine, nestled on an idyllic corner in the West Village, take time to sit down for some coffee with your caramelized tarte tatin and reflect on how life is actually pretty sweet. Maritime travel is the theme here, the shelves heaving with model boats and clay lighthouses, the walls sporting nautical art and a Le Havre lifesaver, but you'll want to be moored nowhere else. Locals stop by in the morning for brioche and pain au chocolat and warm up with French onion soup at lunch. While you can get all the baked goods to go and please other people, there's nothing wrong with spending a moment to please yourself first.

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