The Best of the Bronx for Kids

by Time Out Kids staff, 05/16/2012

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  • Best lesson in biological diversity
    The Bronx Zoo 
    Kids can check out giraffes at just about any big-city zoo, but for face time with truly exotic creatures, the Bronx Zoo reigns supreme. It's the largest zoo in the country and home to some 600 different species, from the cat-like fossas of Madagascar—with their reversible ankles—to the adorable Pygmy marmosets, the world's smallest monkeys (and some of the most disproportionate, at 5 inches tall with an 8-inch tail). Since most of these animals are gravely endangered in the wild, a visit here is also a great chance to learn about conservation—or, you know, just gape at a yellow-eyed sifaka. 

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