The Girls Guide to NYC

by Alexis Swerdloff

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  • Café Grumpy
    193 Meserole Ave., 718-349-7623, Greenpoint, Brooklyn
    The scene on Girls: The series' answer to Central Perk and Tom's Restaurant, this Greenpoint coffee shop makes appearances on the show throughout the season. Ray Ploshansky (Alex Karpovsky), a barista there, delivers his wry quips from behind the counter. Hannah, after quitting her job at the law firm, starts to work at Grumpy as well.
    The scene in real life: When Café Grumpy opened in Greenpoint in 2005, the neighborhood was quite a ways from being one of the hippest enclaves of New York City. These days, the neighborhood is crawling with trendy boutiques and restaurants, and Café Grumpy has spawned locations in Chelsea, on the Lower East Side and in Park Slope. The owners buy their beans directly from farmers in places like Central and South America and roast the coffee themselves at the original location. (For more on the neighborhood, read our guide to Greenpoint.)

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