the scoop on nyc gelato

by Kathleen Squires and Claire Lui, 06/05/2012

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  • Screme 
    2056 Broadway, 212-362-2111, Upper West Side, Manhattan (in the Yapple yogurt store)
    176 W. 94th St., 212-663-1362, Upper West Side, Manhattan
    1668 Third Ave., 212-722-1818, Upper East Side, Manhattan (non-kosher; offered at Azure Brick Oven Pizza)
    New Amsterdam Pavilion, 1 Peter Minuit Plaza, Battery Park
    In Israel, fans are devoted to the gelato chain Aldo, with its ever-changing list of kosher flavors. In 2009, the brand was imported to the United States under the name Screme, and its four locations are in Manhattan (two of them are collaborations with other eateries). Screme's employees encourage lots of sampling and tweet out flavors on Twitter—so you can visit daily and never have the same gelato. Alcohol-flavored scoops are particularly popular—depending on the day, you might be able to order mojito, figs and tequila, or chocolate whiskey brownie gelato. The Battery Park outpost, located right outside of Whitehall Terminal and opening in June, features a beer garden, allowing for a perfect pairing of drink and dessert. —Claire Lui

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