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by staff, 10/09/2012 [Updated 11/11/2015]

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  • Riding Tips
    Crosstown Traffic: In Manhattan, most subway lines run north and south along the avenues, and there are only three lines—the 7, the L and the S (shuttle)—that travel crosstown (east and west). This makes it more efficient in some cases to walk or take a bus or taxi if you're looking to get from the east side to the west side or vice versa.

    Final Destination: Before you head into a station, consult the subway map for the line you're taking and note the name of the final stop in your direction of travel—and in which borough it's located. The signs on a train (and often in the stations) reference these terminals. 

    Making an Entrance: Some entrances to the subway only allow access to travel in one direction (uptown or downtown, for instance). Always know your direction of travel, and pay particular attention to the subway signs on the stairwells.

    Making an Exit: If you really want to travel like a local, try "prewalking." Veteran straphangers know just where to stand on their originating platform so they can leave the train car as close to the station exit as possible at their destination platform. There's even a smartphone app called Exit Strategy that helps travelers plan where to stand.

    You are Here: Stations have subway system maps as well as more-detailed neighborhood maps (with bus local routes) just outside the turnstiles, so you can check your route before and after your subway trip.

    One Rider, One Seat: Even if a car is empty when you enter, it can fill up quickly. Be courteous and keep your bags or luggage on your lap or the train floor. Additionally, don't place your feet on the seats. Transit police make occasional sweeps and have been known to ticket transgressors.

    MetroCard Discounts: The cost of a SingleRide ticket (sold in station vending machines) is $2.75. But discounts are available for purchasing multiple rides or, better yet, a 7-Day Unlimited MetroCard, which gives you unlimited rides—if you know you'll be visiting for a week.—Staff

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