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by staff, 10/09/2012 [Updated 11/11/2015]

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  • Transit Museum and Nostalgia Train Rides
    During your subway commute, through the routine stop and go, on and off, you may have wondered who built the very line and subway car you were traveling on. If you have, pay a visit to the New York Transit Museum, where you can unearth the subway system's vast 108-year history through programs, exhibitions and collections of transportation-related memorabilia like maps, drawings and photos. Interactive displays include exhibitions on construction, the history of the subway token and a gallery devoted to the bus and trolley system. A museum annex located in the Shuttle Passage at Grand Central Terminal also hosts rotating exhibitions.

    During the holiday season, visitors can journey back to the early days of transportation service with a trip on a Nostalgia Train—we're talking as early as straw-woven seats and humming ceiling fans. Trains usually operate on the M line between Queens Plaza and Second Avenue stations. Interested riders can also hop on one of many vintage buses from the '50s, '60s and '70s that operate in the five boroughs today, for the same price as a ride on a modern-day model. For details, check out the MTA's website with annoucements in November and December. —CP

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