2013 Vendy Award Winners

by Julie Besonen, 10/02/2013

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  • 2013 Vendy Cup Winner
    El Olomega
    Red Hook, Brooklyn
    For three years running, the Vendy Cup has gone to a vendor at the Red Hook Ball Fields, a festive weekend scene fueled by soccer supporters. El Olomega took the top prize for its irresistible pupusas, the Salvadoran street food specialty. The crisp, griddled, corn flour pockets have moist, juicy centers, stuffed with pork and cheese, chicken and cheese, chorizo or loroco flower, a budding plant native to El Salvador. Sibling owners Janet and Marcos Lainez handcraft the round tortillas from their grandmother's recipe and named the business for their hometown village. Not only is the pork filling the most popular, it's the most fun to say: "Pork pupusa, please."

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