In with the Old: NYC Vintage Store Guide

by Laura Kusnyer and Christina Parrella, 04/02/2014

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  • New York City has long been regarded as a fashion capital of the world, attracting the industry's greatest designers and producing some of the world's most cutting-edge fashions. But as much as there's an appetite for the new, there's also a hunger for original pieces from decades past, which fuels a robust vintage clothing market throughout the boroughs. The City teems with vintage wear of all kinds—'90s Starter jackets, '60s cocktail dresses, rock 'n' roll tees—all waiting to be discovered in budget-friendly thrift shops, consignment stores and high-end secondhand-couture emporia. To help you curate a closet even Rachel Zoe would envy, we've put together a guide complete with some of NYC's best vintage shops—where someone's trash is another's treasure. 

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