In with the Old: NYC Vintage Store Guide

by Laura Kusnyer and Christina Parrella, 04/02/2014

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  • Amarcord Vintage
    Amarcord Vintage has built up quite a reputation for selling hard-to-find luxury items, specifically those from the '60s, '70s and '80s. Owners Patti Bordoni and Marco Liotta, who both hail from Italy, carefully select garments during trips around Europe, focusing on upscale goods that embody Italian moda. You'll want to visit both locations, in SoHo and Williamsburg, as well as the appointment-only showroom (also Williamsburg), for entrée to reasonably priced bags, accessories and clothing from labels like Chanel, Fendi and Salvatore Ferragamo. The stock, which changes seasonally, is not restricted to designer-only items. Less expensive dresses, coats, belts and shoes are also available. 

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