In with the Old: NYC Vintage Store Guide

by Laura Kusnyer and Christina Parrella, 04/02/2014

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  • Monk Vintage Thrift Shop 
    It's a tight fit in here, but that's because the place is packed floor to ceiling with affordable secondhand goods. Located on Fifth Avenue in South Slope (there are other locations in Manhattan and one in Williamsburg, in the same building as Buffalo Exchange), Monk is a fun spot to duck into after a lazy brunch or during a weekend stroll. If you're in search of Gucci, Monk is not the place for you; it is the spot, though, to indulge shopping whims like a floppy sun hat or polka-dot dress. You'll find men's, women's and children's clothing in all colors, shapes and sizes; accessories like earrings, sunglasses and belts; and a healthy selection of shoes and boots. Keep your eyes peeled for goods tagged with the color of the week—these items are half off.

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