Destination: Wedding

by Joanna Citrinbaum, 06/24/2011

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  • There's a reason why romantic movies are often set in New York City: the unparalleled skyline, the bright lights, the hustle and bustle, the idea that—in a chance encounter, even—you can find your soul mate in such an expansive place. (OK, so there's more than one reason.) Countless people meet and fall in love in New York City, and even more lovebirds flock here to share in the experience of falling in love with the City itself—so it's only natural that numerous couples want to affirm their commitment to each other in NYC as well.

    With an abundance of event spaces to choose from, there's a venue for every pair: nature lovers, baseball fans, culture connoisseurs, water babies and more. And those who want to keep it simple and elegant have the option of saying "I do" at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau, a 24,000-square-foot space that got a massive renovation in 2009. Either way, no matter where in NYC you decide to get married, the City is the place to have an affair to remember.

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