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by staff, 09/26/2012

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  • Museum of Mathematics
    11 E. 26th St., 212-542-0566, Flatiron District, Manhattan
    Set to hold its opening ceremony on December 12 of this year (12/12/12, natch), the Museum of Math aims to dispel the notion that math is boring. The only institution of its kind in the United States, the musuem will go by the nickname "MoMath," and is set to feature interactive exhibits demonstrating the connections between math and such everyday subjects as music, sports and even soap bubbles The message is that math is constantly around us, even if we're not thinking about it all the time—and, yes, it can be exciting and fun. (It will be hard for even the most deeply math-averse to resist the opportunity to ride a tricycle with square wheels, that's for sure). MoMath, mo' problems? Literally, that's indisputable. But the museum's creators also hope to inspire mo' appreciation for the science of numbers.

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