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Odd Ball: Weird NYC Sports

by Jonathan Zeller, 01/02/2013

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  • "Weird" is in the eye of the beholder, especially when it comes to sports. For example: most Americans take for granted that basketball is a "normal" game, but there's not necessarily anything intuitive about two groups of five very tall gentlemen or ladies striving to pass a leather ball through a cylinder 10 feet off the ground, or that they have to bounce said ball every time they move with it. So we're not disparaging any of the following competitions—showcases for the best bull riders, eaters, yoga practitioners, dreidel spinners and the like—by calling them "weird." The fact remains, though, that they're not exactly on par with the NFL or Major League Baseball as far as popularity goes (though some of these events' proponents may feel that won't be the case forever). Read on for details.

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