Whiskey Town

by Craig Bridger, 11/28/2012

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  • The Whiskey Ward
    121 Essex St., 212-477-2998, Lower East Side, Manhattan
    Back when Manhattan was split into wards, the Lower East Side was deemed The Whiskey Ward (take a guess as to why). Today, that title belongs to this rustic neighborhood watering hole, with zero pretension and a bourbon-heavy whiskey list (printed on chalkboards mounted on faded brick over the bar) priced for drinking. Create your own tasting flight or knock back a "Shorty" (a half pint of draft beer plus any call shot) under hanging lamps shaped like prospector pans. Add bowls of peanuts and a pool table and you've got a complete winter survival kit. It's sometimes crowded, but it's less divey than the nearby d.b.a.—and has less attitude, too. (We've got dibs on a Jack Daniels barrel cocktail table.)

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