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Spring 2013 Broadway Guide

by Whitney Spaner, 01/14/2013

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  • This spring season on Broadway is as American as baseball, cheddar melting on apple pie—or a Kardashian’s Twitter feed. There are the classic revivals that brilliantly interpret America’s coming-of-age years, like Horton Foote’s farewell to the Texas cotton fields of his youth The Trip to Bountiful. Several musicals opening this spring chronicle aspects of American music, too: Rogers and Hammerstein, Motown Records and '80s icon Cyndi Lauper are among those whose melodies appear in these shows. Then there are the tributes to real-life people who achieved the American Dream, like a housewife turned governor, a Pulitzer Prize–winning Irish-American journalist and a Holocaust refugee who struck gold in Hollywood.

    Finally, Holly Golightly—one of the most iconic characters in American literature—gives Broadway another go in Truman Capote's Breakfast at Tiffany's. After a grueling presidential election this fall and a devastating hurricane that shut down Broadway for several days, causing a few shows to close early, it will be refreshing to rally around America on the Great White Way this spring. The only thing missing is Tom Cruise starring in a revival of Oklahoma. There's always next year. For more on each of these shows, read on.

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