Wok This Way: 9 of NYC's Best Chinese Restaurants

by Julie Besonen, 12/22/2010

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  • A-Wah
    5 Catherine St., 212-925-8308, Chinatown, Manhattan
    A-Wah is a hole-in-the-wall gem that opened in 2010. Robert Sietsema of The Village Voice has already named it the number one Chinese restaurant in the City. Through the windowed kitchen up front, the cooks can be observed expertly hacking up Peking duck to drape atop noodle soups and Hong Kong–style lo mein or layer in a juicy sandwich. Rice casseroles heaped in stone crocks are crowned with squab or Chinese sausage and minced pork; even take-out and delivery orders come in lidded casserole dishes, not plastic or Styrofoam. Eel, frog, jellyfish and pig's feet are also in stock for the aficionado of such delicacies. The small dining room is modest, with white-and-green-checked tablecloths and a flat-screen TV broadcasting videos of Chinese love songs.

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