Manhattan – Upper East Side


725 Madison Ave at 64th St
Manhattan, NY


Time Out NY Kwiat means flower in Polish, and it's meaning is taken literally atthis upscale jewelry shop. From the white lilacs propped on pedestals in the virtually frameless glass cases to the chandelier designed to mimic the way petals and vines grow, floral images sprout up everywhere as you move through the shimmery-walled plush jewel box of a boutique. Two 42-inch television screens hung portrait style return images of Halle Berry, Natalie Portman and Hillary Swank dripping in Kwiatdiamonds. You might have to have a celebrity-sized bank account to afford these baubles, but it's well worth the dough. Invest in diamond-studded headband tiaras ($21,500), vintage oval necklaces ($17,400) and web bracelets ($60,800).

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