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Puro Chile


Time Out NY An exotic vacation to Chile sounds divine, and if it weren't for our empty bank accounts and hectic work schedule, we'd be on the first plane out. Alternatively, you can hop on the subway to Soho to find the next best thing. A new retail concept shop sets out to make an "experience destination" that engages all five senses to tell the story of Chile. Start with a little sightseeing and take in multiple high-definition images of the nation's visually stunning landscapes, which are projected throughout the store. Enjoy local cuisine from the specialty grocery, which features native foods and drinks; then choose from a full spectrum of the country's most popular wines. A portion of the shop is devoted to top eco-friendly designers from the country, recognized as one of the leaders in green living. Expect to find unique Chilean semiprecious stones, such as ignea and combarbalita, along with vegetable fibers and alpaca wools, which have been cast into stylish jewelry, handbags, blankets and cushions. And if you're caught up in it all, you can even book travel arrangements and preview vacation homes at this one-stop shop.

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