5 Things to Know About the New York Spectacular

Alyson Penn

The Radio City Rockettes may be best known for their winter shows, but you don’t have to miss out on the talented performers’ glitz and glamour during the warmer months. Indeed, their summer New York Spectacular takes the audience on a ride around many of New York City’s most famous attractions and neighborhoods, with plenty of singing, dancing and, of course, those famous Rockette high kicks.

Interested? Here’s what you should know about the show.

1. It’s for the whole family

The story is centered on a family of four from the Midwest, whose journey makes them easily relatable for members of their likely audience. Once the son, Jacob, and daughter, Emily, get separated from their mom and dad, they have to navigate the City to find their parents. As Emily, the too-cool-for-school tween, adapts to being without her smartphone and grows closer to her younger brother, the siblings learn how to work together and appreciate each other’s differences.

2. You’ll feel like you’re out on the town

Emily and Jacob travel to the Empire State Building, Wall Street, Central Park, State of Liberty and Times Square during their search. Each set is remarkably similar to its real-life counterpart, replicating details like the antique clock in Grand Central Terminal and the Temple of Dendur in The Met. Even the subway station seems uncannily realistic, with pillars and low ceilings fronting what looks like a rushing train—complete with passengers.

3. Oh, oh, it’s magic

One of the main themes of the show is to embrace your inner child. Jacob’s overactive imagination makes New York City come to life in magical ways, as it does for many a visitor. On his journey he hears the New York Public Library lions rap, flies around Grand Central’s ceiling mural, makes it rain cash over Wall Street and has a chat with the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park.

4. You’ll recognize most of the songs

You’ll be tempted to sing along to tunes like “Singin’ in the Rain,” John Lennon’s “Imagine,” Madonna’s “Vogue” and Alicia Keys’ (by way of Jay Z) “Empire State of Mind (Part II),” all performed live and incorporated into the show.

5. Yes, they kick

Don’t worry—you won’t miss the high kicks that make the Rockettes, well, the Rockettes. They have a prominent role here, especially in the closing number.

Visit www.rockettes.comto buy tickets to the show; it runs through August 7.